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The Music Program at ICB

Facile Elisme attended school in Bayonnais, graduating in 2008. He was part of the original sponsorship program before Ewo’s official beginnings in 2009. He went off to college at the Université Chrétienne du Nord d’Haïti (UCNH) in Cap Haitian to study music. In 2010, during his second year at UCNH, he came back to visit Bayonnais. The music program at ICB had just started that year and Facile loved helping the students learn. There were 30 children in the program and they only had a bass guitar to play because there were no other instruments.

From that point in 2010, Facile would spend his vacation time in Bayonnais, working with the music program. After graduation from UCNH in 2013, he decided to stay in Bayonnais and took a job at the school as the music teacher. These days, there are 36 students currently in the program and Facile is able to teach guitar, bass guitar, drums, and piano (keyboard) at the school, but he has dreams of also teaching trumpet, saxophone, trombone, and clarinet some day!! Former students of the program help him teach the younger students.

Facile wants to grow the music program and you can help! We need more instruments!!

Join our Back to School Fundraiser!

You can make a flat donation that will go to purchase the most needed instruments or fully fund the purchase of one of these instruments:

Trumpet (10) – $160
Trombone (8) – $320
Clarinet (8) – $110
Saxophone (8) – $375
Snare Drum (1) – $135
Bass Drum (1 )- $190
Cymbals (2) – $135
Acoustic Guitar (5) – $215
Music Stand (8) – $45

To donate, go here: https://ewohaiti.org/donationB2S.php

Current students of the music program

About Melissa Hoffmann

Melissa’s heart for Haiti began on a trip to Bayonnais in 2018. With that passion sparked, she joined the board and got to work, helping out with student sponsorship, social media, marketing, and branding efforts. As Executive Director, she’s excited to bring more awareness of our exciting mission and amazing community!

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