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2022 Giving Tuesday:
A New Kitchen for Nicholas

We need your help!
Support Ewo’s 4th Annual Giving Tuesday Fundraiser.

Your gift will be DOUBLED by a generous matching gift!

This year you can make a difference feeding the children at school in Nicholas.

The kitchen at the Nicholas campus no longer exists. Up until late summer, the “building” had fallen into disrepair - it had no roof and the walls were falling down. In August, what was left of the kitchen finally fell apart and had to be removed before school began to keep the students safe. Without a kitchen, cooking meals for the students on this campus has become very difficult. The cooks now prepare lunch outside and are exposed to the elements - the heat of the Haitian sun as well as the rain. The students of Nicholas, and those that prepare their meals, deserve better.

Help us reach our goal of $15,000 and build a new kitchen for this campus!
Thanks to an extremely generous donor, every donation given will be matched.
A gift from you today of $5 instantly becomes $10 and will make building a new kitchen a reality!

Select 1 for the $25 "easy gift" or add any amount you choose in the bottom box. You can use one or both options.
For multiple gifts, add all names and addresses in the same box.

Haitian Creole [e-woah]

English translation
hero [heer-oh]

noun: a person who, in the opinion of others has special abilities, achievements, or personal qualities and is regarded as a role model

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