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You can sponsor your student from age 3 all the way through 13th grade with the Ewo sponsorship program. If you want, you can continue financial support during their time at University by working directly with the student. We are working on building out advanced education options (both for university and trade students), but currently this is not available through Ewo.

A donation of $40/monthly covers all costs associated with sponsoring a student. This includes providing the student with one uniform, materials for school, one hot meal daily, and access to the medical clinic.

Your sponsorship commitment is for one year. Your sponsorship will automatically renew every year, unless you ask to discontinue it.

Yes. When you sponsor a student through Ewo, that student is building a relationship with you.

Sponsorship provides the student with one uniform, materials for school, one hot meal daily, and access to the medical clinic. In addition, your sponsorship helps pay salaries for teachers and administrators, employ individuals to cook and clean for the school, as well as keep the school bus running with fuel.

When you sign up to sponsor a student, you will receive an information sheet (either in person or virtually) about your student. This sheet includes information such as your students birthday, grade, interests, what campus they attend, and details about their family. You are encouraged to write your student - this is another great way to learn more about them!

You can submit a letter to your student through our website at https://www.ewohaiti.org/letter.php

Yes! Each student writes 2 letters a year to their sponsor, usually one before Christmas break and one before the end of the school year!

Yes! In January, you will receive an Annual Giving Statement to use when you file your taxes.

During times that we can travel to Haiti, we can accept gifts. Unfortunately, we are unable to travel to travel to Haiti at this time.

Your sponsorship donation is sent to Bayonnais through a restricted fund that only can be used for student sponsorship.

An Ewo Sponsor is YOU! As a sponsor, you have chosen to invest in a student because YOU believe that Education is the key to helping break the cycle. Educating students in Bayonnais helps to Empower them to have a better life. Building a relationship with your student is rewarding to both of you! Letters, thoughts, prayers, and maybe even visits to Haiti show your student not only how much you care about them, but how much you believe in their future and their potential. Your support of a student also supports the school administrators, teachers, and staff who all share this journey with you!

As a sponsor, you have the opportunity to develop a real relationship with your student! Watching that grow over time is a great joy!! Letters, thoughts, prayers, and even visits only make this bond stronger. You truly become part of their life and they become part of your family.

Ewo is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that provides support for a community school system in Bayonnais, Haiti through education and entrepreneurship.

Empower the next generation of Haiti to break the cycle.

At Ewo, we believe that by empowering students with education, the next generation can make a difference in Haiti.

Ewo is based in 2 locations: Charlotte, North Carolina and on the main campus in Bayonnais, Haiti.

Yes. When mission trips are actively traveling to Haiti, you are welcome to look at our mission trip calendar at https://www.ewohaiti.org/Go.php and plan a trip for you and/or the organization that you are affiliated with. Trips are subject to travel restrictions and must be approved by Ewo and OFCB. There are applicable per diems for room and board, travel expenses are the responsibility of the individual traveling.

Yes, Ewo is financially trustworthy. We not only operate through the work of volunteer and paid staff, we have a third party accountant, and undergo a financial audit every year.


Haitian Creole [e-woah]

English translation
hero [heer-oh]

noun: a person who, in the opinion of others has special abilities, achievements, or personal qualities and is regarded as a role model

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